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Ethical Intruder Application Security Hackers don’t stop after they scratch the surface. Your security organization shouldn’t either

Just because you passed your IT audit and compliance mandate does not mean that your business applications are safe from hackers. Unfortunately being compliant, regulated or audited is not the same as being secure.

Ethical Intruder's Markets Served

Ethical Intruder serves various markets to protect companies from financial and reputational harm. These include:

Health Care & Medical IT

  • Review security of HIPAA, PII and PHI records
  • Review accessibility and encryption of medical records in motion
  • Provide remediation assistance for HIPAA violations
  • Beyond a network review. Assure that business systems and Web Applications meet security and HIPAA standards


  • Review customer profiles stored online
  • Review security and improvements for online purchasing
  • Review customer history and PII stored online
  • Provide PCI guidance and identify vulnerabilities

Software Products & Services

  • Companies want to make sure the products they sell do not have security holes that will hurt their reputation
  • Review if product releases are being rushed to market before bugs and security addressed
  • Assure hosted cloud products and services are secure for customers


  • Assist with technology review when an internal focus on security may be lacking
  • Review concerns regarding keeping donors private
  • Review concerns about credit card payment security


  • Assure parents and students can make secure tuition payments on line
  • Review if a malicious intruder can access student profile and select or drop out of classes on line
  • Review security of financial information stored and online

Health Care IT Spotlight

Ethical Intruder works with customers across various industries. Over the past several years we have experienced substantial growth in the Health Care IT and Life Sciences space. During this period we have performed analysis and evaluations for clients and their connected partners:

  • Medical Device Companies
  • State Departments of Health
  • Major Hospitals
  • Major Health Insurers
  • Health Insurance Brokers
  • Health Care IT Products and Services
  • Life Science Companies