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Ethical Intruder Application Security Unique focus on securing your business assets - beyond networks, beyond infrastructure.

Ethical Intruder provides our evaluations with a vendor, product, and technology neutral approach. Our services are designed to complement and extend current regulatory, compliance, and audit practices.

About Ethical Intruder

Ethical Intruder is a global cyber security company that offers business vulnerability evaluations and remediation guidance.  Our Intruder teams work with corporate business executives and government agencies ensuring the security of digital infrastructure through simulated malicious breaches and real time system reviews.  With today’s corporate threat landscape becoming increasingly dangerous from new attacks and re-engineered exploits, Ethical Intruder offers services that can match the ingenuity of the hacker attacks and provide effective countermeasures.

At Ethical Intruder, we are technology agnostic. We do not sell technology, products or services from any partner. Our goal is to make sure you are secure with the platform, software, router, hardware and tools you already use.

Our Approach to Business System Security

Security teams are often staffed with personnel having primarily a physical or network-infrastructure background. The same team is then also responsible for detecting vulnerabilities in your business applications and business systems where they may lack a background in the architecture, design, development or the business intent of the system your business has created. Ethical Intruder compliments your staff by providing resources that narrowing this gap and that can provide assistance all the way down to kernel level programming and system memory if needed. Hackers only need a slight edge over your security team to get in, and Ethical Intruder teams can provide the balance to help assure reputation and financial loss are not in your organizations near future.

Recognized Expertise in Cyber Security

David Kane, Ethical Intruder CEO, was invited to participate in The Pittsburgh Business Times' Table of Experts on Cyber Security summit.

Four of the region’s top authorities on Cyber Security provide guidance and insight into current trends while also discussing how any size company can learn to better protect themselves today. Topics include Cloud Technology and if it is right for your company, a discussion on compliance equaling security and why data breaches are increasing.

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