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Ethical Intruder Application Security Hackers don’t stop after they scratch the surface...validate that your organization is not any different.

Your Reputation and Financial Strength depends on your ability to keep corporate data, intellectual property, R&D in-house while protecting your customer and employee specific data.

Learn how we protect you

Cyber Security Evaluations of your critical business systems

Ethical Intruder is a Global Cyber Security company specializing in targeted vulnerability evaluations:

  • Business Driven Ethical Hacking Exercises
  • Web Application (OWASP) Vulnerability Analysis
  • Network Vulnerability and Compliance Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Liability Reviews
  • Social Engineering Campaigns & Training

Delivering guidance to business leadership and the board of directors

  • An understanding of how vulnerable you are today
  • What steps you need to be more secure with specific step by step remediation
  • How to best utilize your budget before making unnecessary spend decisions

Learn how we protect you

Planning or considering a Mobile, Web Application or Application Initiative? Explore all of your options.

Ethical Intruder offers different types of solutions within each of our evaluation offerings. We can tailor the right service for you.

From Our Customers

  • "In this cyber age where computer and programming capability grows almost daily, including the ability to do harm, every organization that accepts donations, sells merchandise and asks for information needs to be vigilant about safeguarding information. Ethical Intruder helped the Food Bank assess our online presence and develop a plan to strengthen the security of gathered information."

    - COO Major Metro Food Bank
  • "We engaged Ethical Intruder to evaluate the security of our product prior to a major global roll out. The team's ingenuity not only found potential vulnerabilities that could have caused our company reputation harm, but they also gave our development team a more dedicated view of how to design for product security before malicious intruders penetrated vulnerabilities."

    - CTO, Security Product Company - Chicago,IL
  • "As a provider of a secure SaaS service, it was critical that our security was validated by a neutral outside organization. Ethical Intruder did a great job of pointing out areas of potential concern in a professional and timely way. We felt very comfortable working with EI knowing that their commitment to being vendor agnostic meant that we were not going to have additional services or product pitches presented upon completing the project."

    - CEO, Secure Communications Company - Canada
  • "Thanks Ethical Intruder!!! We feel more confident now that we have minimized our risks of company reputational harm by using Ethical Intruder services. We plan to use Ethical Intruder routinely for new releases."

    - Application program manager, SaaS Security Service - Poland