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Ethical Intruder Application Security Protecting you from malicious intruders to reduce the risk of reputational and financial harm.

Ethical Intruder focuses on vulnerability of business applications and computing environments with remediation guidance for successful attacks.

Business Application Vulnerability Evaluations and Countermeasure Guidance

Ethical Intruder provides a team of ethical hacker experts who provide the highest quality business vulnerability evaluations. Our team of Intruder experts goes well beyond standard approaches that monitor firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Our team has the next level experience and ability to understand exactly what hackers are truly capable of.

Our intrusion teams are balanced as needed for each project with senior software engineers, systems engineers, corporate security specialists, infrastructure specialists, business analysts and experts in the areas of secure product development and business application development leadership.

Business Driven Ethical Hacking Exercises

  • Focus on how users interact with business systems
  • Scenarios based on client specific concerns related to business systems and where they may be most vulnerable
  • Creation of unique Technical Attack Points (TAP’s)

Web Application (OWASP) Vulnerability Analysis

  • Focused top 10 most common attacks on web application and mobile platforms
  • Identify and get remediation steps to fix
  • SQL Injection X-site scripting
  • Automated and creative manual simulations

Network Vulnerability and Compliance Assessments

  • Focused on what an Intruder can see in your organization today
  • Network Topologies
  • Default/Weak Passwords
  • Known Vulnerabilities in OS/Device/Enabling Software
  • PCI, SOX and PCI evaluations with specific remediation steps

Penetration Testing

  • CEH and PTES Methodologies
  • Network and Application broad scale corporate evaluations
  • Full review and recommendations for hardening of infrastructure
  • Beyond checklist based to assure your corporate goals are met

Cyber Liability Maturity Model

  • Model builds a technology agnostic roadmap to a secure state
  • Originally built to assist with cyber insurability yet equally   effective for mapping any security programs
  • Six technology agnostic segments that align your business & compliance requirements to your security controls
  • See our CLMM Example

Social Engineering Awareness & Training

  • Unique custom designed exercises to evaluate your employees and review susceptibility to Phishing attacks
  • Available follow up training and review to eliminate phishing attacks
  • Evaluations to review what malware your systems are susceptible to with remediation guidance provided
  • See our Ransomware Protection Service