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Ethical Intruder Application Security Passing your regulatory compliance and IT audit is not the same as being secure.

Many of today's IT organizations are heavily focused on regulatory, audit and compliance standards. While necessary, they only address part of a business security solution to keep you safe from financial and reputational harm.

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Application Security Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your competition?

Our true competition is the malicious intruders "hackers" who want to break into your system. There are many elements that separate us in the security services field that lends to a unique offering. The majority of providers are primarily focused on networks and Infrastructure where Ethical Intruder adds Mobile, Web and Application expertise. Our Intruder teams incorporate systems engineers and software engineers who understand how malware is created and can determine how it may be created to infect your systems. Ethical Intruder is 100% partner, vendor and technology agnostic. Ethical Intruder does not profit from selling our partners products which leaves us open to use any and all methods available to us.

What markets do you serve?

The goal for Ethical Intruder is to protect our customers from the financial and reputation harm. This allows all markets, industries and size clients to utilize our services. We have engaged companies ranging from hosted secure product vendors to local charitable non-profits. Our team has vast experience with many markets including Financial, Health Care, Retail, Logistics, Military Systems, and Communications to name a few.

Are you penetration testers?

We perform penetration tests as part of our evaluation. How we differ is in our methodology, our team and our approach. Our methodology is more open than the leading penetration methodologies typically incorporated by penetration testers. Our approach is based on process and constant refocused ingenuity not just a "pen test" script. Hackers do not follow a script and we feel that a "pen tester" should not either.

Our team is different in that we include mobile and software engineers in addition to the network and infrastructure expertise found in a typical Pen Testing team. Without these additional skilled players your tester can only find results using scans focused on pre-built tests existing vulnerabilities vs. the ability to review the application or system structure on their own from a creative perspective.

Do you engage companies regarding regulations, compliance and audits around HIPPA and PCI?

PCI and HIPPA compliance are important because ultimately it is about securing data from getting into unauthorized hands. Our main focus is making sure you and your business applications are secure from malicious intruders (hackers) where they can access this data. Being compliant, regulated or audited is not the same as being secure. These controls are good practices and we remind our customers they ultimately reduce your chances of being fined for non-compliance and assist with partnering requirements more than guaranteeing that sensitive data will stay secure security. Our evaluations will identify where your organization may be out of compliance and provide the guidance to eliminate those vulnerabilities. In addition we can provide additional services that go beyond the regulation to assist in further ensuring data protection.